New Book by Money Saving Mom

I am excited to share with you a review about a new book by Money Saving Mom's own Crystal Paine! The book is called The Money Saving Mom's Budget and is chock full of tons of ideas for not only saving money but ways to simply organize your life.

For many people, "couponing" and budgeting is overwhelming. Crystal is great at explaining how to incorporate it into your life in simple steps. She seems genuinely excited to share the steps she took herself to learn these techniques and she has incorporated budgeting, goals and life lessons into an easy-to-read book that makes it simple for you to follow a plan for saving money.

Personally, I have followed Crystal's blog for a couple years now and I have found her to be a tremendous source of inspiration. I have learned a ton from Crystal and have impressed myself by the amount of money I can save grocery shopping, buying gifts and stocking up on essentials. Crystal's book is much more than that and I'm excited to start using her goal-setting steps to streamline my life and budget even further. It's refreshing to know that as the author, Crystal has practiced everything she teaches in the book and I look forward to implementing more of her ideas myself!

Check out the book for yourself and stay tuned for a possible giveaway!

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